Wanna WGWAG? Shift your weight side to side on the stable platform and the submerged fins will propel you straight ahead through the water. No paddle needed! Steering is easy, slide one foot back just 2″ on the deck and continue the side to side rocking and you to turn in the direction of that foot!

The WGWAG offers great balance training and a great fitness workout for your legs. A tether rope is included to help you balance in the beginning, but before long, you will not need the rope and will be dancing on your WGWAG around the lake! For easy storage, remove the fins and stack your WGWAGs on top of one another to save space. For ages 10 and up.




48"W x 57"L x 17"H

Weight Capacity

225 lbs


Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)


Blue, Orange

Accessories Included

Tether rope

Product Weight

42 lbs

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