Aquaglide Platinum Repair Kit

The Aquaglide Platinum Repair Kit works for permanent repairs of small holes and tears on commercial grade products from water trampolines and slides to attachments. The kit features four 4″x6″ patches in assorted colors, 2 Tear Aide patches, 1 shop towel, 1 china marker, 1 sandpaper sheet, 1  can HH 66 glue, and 1 can Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK).

This item can only be shipped in the continental USA due to the fact the adhesive is considered a hazardous material.



Commercial Grade 31 oz PVC

Accessories Included

4"x6" Assorted Color Patches (4), Tear Aide Patches (2), Shop Towel (1), China Marker (1), Sandpaper Sheet (1), Can HH 66 glue (1), Can MEK (1)

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