Video outlines procedures to help keep recreation facilities safe from harmful pathogens

PLAYTEC™ LLC and Commercial Recreation Specialists have come together to produce a video outlining proper recommendations and procedures for sanitizing and protecting recreation facilities worldwide. PLAYTEC is the leading manufacturer of antimicrobial products developed specifically for recreation environments.  The brief 2:36 minute video demonstrates application of the products with recommendations on usage and equipment to help recreation operators keep facilities safe and people healthy.   Watch video here:

With millions of visitors to indoor and outdoor recreation facilities each year, PLAYTEC understood the importance of providing recreational operators with the tools and instructional resources needed to protect their businesses and guests.  PLAYTEC products provide an extra layer of protection by eradicating harmful pathogens upon application, while providing a durable shield against future contamination. Easy to apply and long-lasting, PLAYTEC solutions reduce daily cleaning routines for additional efficiencies.

“We developed this video and recommendations specifically for the recreation marketplace”, says Brent David, Marketing Director for PLAYTEC. “With so much misinformation about COVID-19, and with many companies all claiming to have the proper solutions for solving high-volume, high- traffic businesses, we felt it was important to provide our clients with proven information and tools to properly sanitize and protect their facilities”. David adds, “We wanted to show how best to use our products and further support that PLAYTEC antimicrobial solutions provide safe, effective, and efficient sanitizing solutions that allow an operator to protect every touch point in record time. We wanted our clients to feel confident knowing that we have developed best-in-industry practices to help provide a safe environment for their guests.”

PLAYTEC’s antimicrobial solutions offers recreation professionals next-generation technology that provides both sanitation and protection up to 90 days, enhancing safety and improving productivity. Product benefits include:

  • Extensively tested, scientifically proven, made in the USA
  • Safe – no leaching, non-toxic, environmentally responsible
  • Effective against molds, mildews, viruses, bacteria, algae, fungus and more
  • Residual, long-term efficacy – protects surfaces and lasts up to 90 days
  • Economical – ready to use or dilute with easy-to-use application

“We are excited to have the opportunity to work with PLAYTEC, a leading biochemistry company”, says Ron Romens, CEO at Commercial Recreation Specialists. “Their desire to educate and develop proper guidelines for product use and application is paramount to providing our clients safety and security for their facilities and their guests.” He adds, “As a distributor of PLAYTEC products, we are happy to say that we now have a complete line of products and usage recommendations available to recreation operators who seek to provide proven protection for their guests.”



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