Prime Karts FAQs – Know the Prime Difference!

Prime Karts are safe, durable, and low-maintenance pedal carts that provide patrons with a fun experience with an excellent ROI for owners! Pavement or a track, riders can zoom around in these pedal carts with their friends and family. Rent out for a leisurely ride around your grounds, or make it competitive and race them against each other! If you’re curious about the Prime difference and the carts look like fun, but you have some questions, we have the answers! Below are some of the most common questions we are asked about Prime Karts.

Q: Where do camping guests ride the Pedal Karts?

A:  Almost all of the campgrounds that have bought pedal karts rent them out and ride them right through the campground. However, depending on the terrain or traffic, many parks have added tracks for the karts. Ask us about our design services to help you maximize underutilized space and build a new track!


Q:  How much does it cost for insurance? What about liability?

A:  We do many trade shows throughout the country and we always ask the insurance companies who attend the shows this very question. The response from all insurance companies in attendance has been anywhere from $10 to $15 per kart per year for liability insurance (check with your insurance agent for an exact amount). Because there is no motor, or even the need to try to balance, the liability is extremely low.


Q:  How long does it take to get my payback on the karts?

A:  According to the campgrounds that have them, the average time is around 4 weeks. Campgrounds can put the karts on a credit card before delivery which allows them around 45 days to pay for them. This lets many campgrounds pay for the karts before their bill is even due! If the karts are marketed to the camping guests properly, you should expect the return on your investment no later than July 4th weekend if they are put into service Memorial Day Weekend.


Q:  How many karts do you recommend I buy?

A:  We usually recommend one kart per 20 sites as a starting point.  Although campgrounds that use this figure end up not having enough karts and place orders for more. There are campgrounds with 60 sites who started with 2 karts but now have 4 or 6 karts. There are also campgrounds with 100 sites that now have 10 karts. On the higher end we have campgrounds with 400 sites that have 50+ karts (that’s more than 1 kart per 10 sites). The profit potential is unlimited!


Q:  Do campgrounds use a rental agreement or waiver when they rent the pedal karts?

A:  Some do and some don’t. A customizable agreement template can be provided to customers.


Q:  Do the karts come with flags?

A:  Yes. All Prime Karts come with “rent me” flags to promote rentals. From a safety standpoint, it is easy for cars and RVs to see them when driving through the campground. Another reason is that some campgrounds use them as a “key”. When a guest rents a kart, they are handed a flag. They put it on the kart before they start riding.  If you see a kart riding through the campground without a flag, you know that it was not paid for.


Q:  Are the karts stable and safe?

A:  Yes, the karts are very stable and safe because of the low center of gravity. Also, the front end on the 4-wheeled karts are articulated, (it swivels) which keeps all 4 wheels on the ground and makes it difficult to tip over.


Q:  How can I benefit from renting pedal karts?

A:  Continuous rental income is the biggest benefit. Rather than selling a hat, t-shirt or something from the store that is a one-time sale with limited profit, rental income is an unlimited amount of money continuously being generated. Once the karts are paid off everything after that is profit. Another reason is it is an attraction to your park. Guests are going to look for activities to do in your campground, why not offer them something to do that will make you money.


Q:  How much do you rent the karts for?

A:   Campgrounds are getting anywhere from $5 to $15 per 30-minutes increments, depending on the model.


Q:  What is the weight limit on the pedal karts?                                                                          

A:   Racer (100 lbs),  XL-4 Charger (350 lbs),  XXL-4 Tracker (500 lbs)


Q:  What are your most popular models and what ages can ride them?

A: Below are the most popular Prime Kart models for the rental market. Check out our product options online here!

  • The Racer is rated for a child 2 to 8 yrs old. (100 lb weight capacity)
  • The XL-4 Charger models are rated for individuals 7 years old up. (350 lbs weight capacity)
  • The XXL-4 Tracker is rated for 7 years old to adult and is designed for two riders. (500 lb weight capacityy


Q:  Can the karts be ridden on gravel?

A:  Yes, the karts can be driven on gravel, pavement, dirt, packed sand or any hard surface. The only place the karts won’t pedal well on is loose sand.


Q:  Is there any marketing information or pictures of karts that I can put on my campground brochure?

A:  Yes. Pictures and videos are available to Prime Karts customers for rental marketing purposes.


Q:  How fast do the karts go?

A:  They average around 10 mph max on flat surfaces. Campground owners like them because they go slower than 2-wheel bikes.

Q:  How hard is it to pedal?

A:  They are very easy to pedal, even on rough terrain. The karts have sealed ball bearings which makes it easier to pedal also. It takes about as much effort to pedal as a single speed 2-wheel bicycle. So, if you have hills or sand for example, Prime Karts will be as easy (or difficult) on that specific hill.

Q:  Where can I store the karts?

A:  Some people lock them up in their store, garage, fenced in locked gate or they chain them up outside. Where you store them can vary on your campground layout. The karts do stand on end on the back bumper, which does save space.


Q:  How much maintenance is there on the karts?

A:  The maintenance is very minimal. Adjust the chain occasionally and keep air in the tires. The karts have sealed ball bearings, forward, reverse pedal brakes, and coast. As for safety, they come with a completely enclosed chain guard and brakes on both rear wheels. We can supply you with a recommended maintenance schedule.  Prime Karts offers a 1-year limited warranty on parts.


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2 Responses to “Prime Karts FAQs – Know the Prime Difference!”

  1. Randy on

    What are the cart dimensions? L, W, H ? What is the distance from the seat back to the pedals, shortest and longest distance depending on crank rotation and seat adjustment. I am 6 ft. 2″ tall & have long legs.
    We would be riding it on a hard packed dirt road, with a slight slope. Maybe 5 to 7 degree.
    Thanks, Randy

    • Valerie Klein on

      Here are the answers to your questions Randy:

      Q: What are the cart dimensions?
      A: 60” L x 38” W x 20” H (seat bottom height. 36” to top of seat back)

      Q: What is the distance from the seat back to the pedals, shortest and longest distance depending on crank rotation and seat adjustment.
      A: Farthest seat position 43” to extended pedal and 32” to the closest pedal.

      Q: We would be riding it on a hard packed dirt road, with a slight slope. Maybe 5 to 7 degree.
      A: It would take about as much effort to pedal as a 2-wheel single speed bike.

      Let us know if you have any other questions! Thanks for your inquiry.