Xccent Expands Evolution of Play with Lappset

Commercial Recreation Specialists is excited to offer a new style of play equipment via the recent partnering of Xccent Play and Lappset Group. The two companies are manufacturers of commercial playground equipment that encourages active and imaginative play.

“We’re reallythrilled about these two companies coming together,” says CRS president Ron Romens. “As an exclusive representative for Xccent, we’ll be able to offer parks and playgrounds something completely different than play equipment typically found here in the U.S. These are products that have proven widely successful in Europe.”

Headquartered in Rovaniemi, Finland, the Lappset Group is a leading manufacturer of playground and fitness equipment, selling its products in 46 countries worldwide. Its cutting-edge designs are cross-generationally geared to children, teens, adults and seniors, and they create an inspiring environment for enjoying the outdoors.Lappset's Parkour Line by Xccent Play!

“European play is very different than ours. They have a style of playground equipment that looks and feels different,” says Romens. “Their products promote movement from point to point, in circuit fashion. It’s active recreation, such as running, jumping, ducking and swinging.”

This can be seen in Lappset’s Parkour line, which models the growing sports trend of Parkour, or freerunning. It’s also interactive, as in their Sona and Sutu lines, which offer electronic features to enhance the play.

“And because many Lappset designs are independent, customizable figures, they work well in any environment, including tight, urban settings,” adds Romens.

While different in style, Lappset’s products complement Xccent Play’s philosophy of active, non-scripted play. Xccent Play is headquartered in Wyoming, Minn., and is known for its revolutionary moving play equipment, such as the X-Wave, made with ultra-safe polymer hinges, as well as their combinable, independent pieces that allow for a maximum number of users.


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